New Website? Here’s How to Market it in 2018

market new website 2018

Launching a new website is exciting and terrifying at the same time. You’ve spent months fine-tuning and perfecting every last detail. It’s excruciating, tedious work trying to conceptualize your ideas and mission statements and jam pack it all onto one platform. While it can be stressful to create something so critical to your brand and … Read more

Copywriting Tips: How to Craft Copy that Sells

It’s late in the afternoon. You’re on your fourth cup of coffee for the day, praying the caffeine kick will create a surge in creativity. You’re not writing sonnets, you tell yourself. It’s just my whole mission statement summed up in two paragraphs. How hard can it be? You spend an hour staring at a … Read more

Moving from Gmail to G Suite

moving migrating from gmail to g suite

For anyone needing help moving or migrating from a Gmail inbox to a new domain based G suite email including instructions for POP3, SMTP, Email Alias and Group email. So you changed the G Suite or thinking about changing to G Suite?  It was a smart move.  There is no question in my mind that … Read more

Online Marketing Pains: Restaurant Edition

online marketing business restaurants

If I were running a restaurant (or several) there’s one thing that I know for sure would be true.  The following words would immediately annoy me: Facebook – Mobile Strategy – Social Media They may even bring rise to the subconscious feeling of concern that I’ve been fighting back for some time now. (I’m sorry … Read more

Avoiding Online Marketing Mistakes

avoid online marketing mistakes

In days gone by, marketing took place in a very physical way. Ads were placed on billboards or handed out to potential customers. Today, we look at the world of marketing entirely differently because of the internet, search and social media. Online marketing has been on the rise ever since the first banner ads appeared awkwardly … Read more