The Google Ladder

Google has over 50 platforms and tools that can be used to drive marketing results. These tools naturally connect with each other. Most of these platforms have features for local companies. Taking the steps to integrate these platforms provides the most definite competitive advantage for your business!

Please leave as much information as possible about your business problems and what you hope to achieve with digital marketing

Google Ladder

When you use multiple Google platforms, each individual platform will produce better results.  Positioning each platform as "steps" your business will grow faster.  Here are some examples:

Leverage data from Google Business, Ads & Analytics to increase website, SEO and ad conversions.
Improved SEO increases quality score in Google Ads, reducing your cost per click.
Integrate Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides) with every other platfrom to save and organize data.
Google Translate can be used to auto create documents and ads in different languages.
Merge efforts of each marketing platform and Google Product into HubSpot CRM for better data and automation.
Google Sites are stored in Google Drive with unique user permissions and no extra cost to Workspace customers.

Here's a "Real World" example of the workflow that effectively reaches the top of the ladder in plain English:

  1. Check and optimize Google profiles. Do the same for Facebook and all other public channels.
  2. Collect as many reviews as you're able, and respond PROMPTLY to each comment and review.
  3. Turn on advertising.  Make the CLEAR distinction between the functions of branding/marketing promotion and call-to-action advertising.  Confusing the functions of these will dilute your results from BOTH.
  4. Next: Measure to identify the keywords, phrases, images, placement and timing that statistically prove to be 3x or more effective than all other elements.
  5. Mimic the above proven tested elements in website copy, social media, GMB profiles, low cost boost advertising, etc... to increase response rates in the more economical channels/activities. (Increased clicks not only translate to more business, but also convey popularity and esteem of your business compared to others.)
  6. Organic visibility soon increases when you spend money on advertising. Why this happens is complicated but this is a fact.  Update website meta data and headlines to match promotional elements that draw the most clicks. Repeat in social.
  7. For a brief time increase marketing and advertising exposure to test that the above does increase clicks from organic search, directories, and social across larger audiences.  Fine-tune, adjust to changes and repeat.

By this time you’ll have the best performing marketing and advertising, high number of reviews and be able to reduce ad spend while maintaining 3x the activity levels that you began with.  

You’ll be the most attractive option in your market, using statistical proof data from 10's of thousands of marketing and advertising impressions!!


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Please leave as much information as possible about your business problems and what you hope to achieve with digital marketing