About Sourceline Media

Since our humble beginnings in 1999,  our foothold in marketing, publishing and business development stems from being our own customer and working with Google since 2000.

We use Google's platforms in our business and for our clients every day.  We are a marketing agency that provides search engine optimization, advertising and consulting services for local companies with small to large budgets.

Areas of Expertise

Google Ads Management

Google Local SEO

Google Workspace

Google Optimize

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics

Databox Reporting

QuickBooks Integration

Local Business Marketing

Google Local SEO

Google My Business Optimization

WordPress Conversion Optimization

Landing Page Design

HubSpot Integration

Content Marketing (High Traffic)

Google AdSense Management

Our History with Google

We have had an ongoing relationship with Google since 2000.  At the time, we were an Internet publisher.  We were invited to beta test  both the Google AdWords and Google AdSense platform.  This is one of the reasons why we became a Google marketing specialist.  Here are a few highlights of our experience working with Google:

  • We are a Google Partner, certified by Google, requiring our agency team members to complete training, maintain a high optimization score and meet a minimum monthly Google Ads spend. Visit this page to view our Google Partner profile.
  • Google has been our customer since 2000, generating over $2 million in revenue as a publisher.  They have also used our training material on Google Workspace (G Suite). 
  • In March 2022, we were invited by Google to join the Google Accelerator program for startups. We served as the sole advertising manager working with the NYC Google digital strategy team.  This program was launched in 2020, requires a $15,000 monthly ad spend. It was a rare opportunity, as Google works less than 20 businesses per quarter.

Our Marketing Expertise

For our clients, we've delivered millions of website users, search views and marketing emails.

Most important: We have increased phone calls, form submissions, leads and customers for every single client we have ever worked with. We are undefeated.  Here are a few examples:

  • In 2012, we consulted for a part-time Disney Travel agency that grew into a $10 million annual year business, including an Annual Disney Destinations Top Sales Performer. This company made the Gator100 Fastest Growing Gator Companies in the World in 2015.
  • Served as the primary marketing arm of a janitorial service that grew from $500k company with 30 employees to a $6 million company with 200 employees over a 4-year period that included 60% growth in 2020, despite being shut down for 2 months during the pandemic. This client is utilizes our Google Ladder strategy
  • In 2017, we helped a property management company run an emergency last minute campaign that went from 0 to 20 leasing applications per month and enabled them to meet fill-rate requirements for their largest client. This lead to an ongoing monthly marketing and Local SEO service that we continue today. Annual search traffic has increased by at least 22% for the last 5 years
  • Took over an unprofitable Google Ads campaign for a national outdoor sports brand and made it profitable in 3 days, generating a 5X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in the first month. Provided ongoing marketing consulting services for a year that resulted in growth of sales and customers through SEO, content marketing and social media.  
  • Serve as the primary marketing arm of a multilocation roofing company that has achieved 608% growth in website traffic in the 2 quarters of 2022.  Google Ads have generated 139 more conversions compared to first half of 2021.
  •  Served as a consultant to launch  a startup fitness lead generation and marketing business including development and implementation of Local SEO, Google Ads, Facebook advertising and remarketing campaign strategies.

These are highlights of more advanced marketing engagements. We also work with many small businesses and startups to improve their growth through Google Local SEO and Google Ads.

Simply put... we expect to produce results.

Marketing is an investment that provides a return that is greater than the cost. If we aren't helping you grow your business AND increase profit by an amount greater than the cost, then we aren't doing our job. We'd love to show you what we can do. If you're ready to get to explore the possibilities, then reach out using the form below, so we can learn more about your business.

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