Advanced Marketing Reports for Local Businesses

What do you know about your website traffic? Are you tracking leads? Is your advertising profitable? How do you know if your website, business listings and other search engines are getting customers?

These analytics need to be tracked by every  local business or franchise location.  As online marketing experts, we know what KPI's you need to track and we have direct experience utilizing and integrating over 20 major platforms. Get customized, easy-to-read, mobile friendly reports that pull data from multiple sources into a single databoard.

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Problems with Local Business Analytics

You need to be a Google Analytic expert to know how to build reports.

Goals in Google Analtyics need to be coded and configured properly.

Google Analytics reports are hard to find and difficult to read.

Many search ranking reports don't accurately track local / map results.

To get critical info, you have to login, learn and download many platforms.

Advertising platforms are all unique and extremely complex.

Most of these reports are PDF's and not mobile friendly.

As a Premier Partner for Databox, We Have the Solution

Reports that include easy to read, clean information.

Track website traffic, search views, map views, source of traffic.

See conversions from forms, email links, website calls and Google calls.

Combine data from multiple sources on a single report.

View multiple reports at the same time.

Schedule daily, weekly and monthly analytics to your email.

Utilizing a slick app to access all reports on mobile.

Brand analytics with your company logo for presentation.

Demo Reports - Carousel Slideshow Format

Incredible Value Add

As a Premier Partner for Databox, we get discounted rates and pass those savings on to you.  You get free set up, pre-made databoard reports and customization options for only $10 more than a databox subscription.

You also get a ringer in your corner. We are 20 year online marketing veterans and experts at building local business analytics that help you grow your business and measure KPI's.  We have worked with over 20 platforms  for advertising, marketing, email, social media, ecommerce, payments, search tracking and website analytics.

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Integrate Multiple Platforms Into 1 Databoard Report

Starter Package

$29 / Month

  • Connect 3 Data Sources
  • Get 3 Premade Databoards
  • Total of 3 Databoards
  • Not Build Your Own
  • Add 5 Users
  • No Charge for Setup
  • No Customization

Pro Package

$59 / Month

  • Connect 10 Data Sources
  • Get 5 Premade Databoards
  • Total of 10 Databoards
  • Access to Build Your Own
  • Add 10 Users
  • No Charge for Setup
  • Report Customization

Advanced Package

$119 / Month

  • Same as Pro Package
  • Use any Premade Databoards
  • Fully Customized Databoards
  • Access to Build Your Own
  • Create Data Calculations
  • Query Builder
  • Plus Subscription with Expert

Sourceline Media

Sourceline Media

Sourceline Media


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