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Janitorial Company

Engagement Summary

We began working with our client in August of 2018. Since that time, they have consistently scaled their business to over 16X growth as of Q1 2022.

Marketing Growth Metrics

This engagement began in August of 2018. This is an example of a client that scaled marketing over time and utilizes the full Google Ladder for exponential growth.  Results:

Average monthly revenue $28,000 per month in 2018 and now $457,000 per month in April 2022 (16X growth)

Marketing generated 4% of revenue in 2018 and now generates 83% or revenue

Marketing replaced 3 sales rep salaries in from 2021 at 10% of cost while generating 320% more revenue

Organic non-paid search revenue has generated $520,168 in annual contracts since we started. (Search had produced no revenue prior to our engagement)

Reviews increased from 38 to 147 in 3 years with 4.8 cumulative rating

Q1 2022 Google Ads produced a 57X Return on Investment (ROI)

Selected by invitation from Google NYC team to participate in Google Accelerator Program.

Google My Business - Live Report

Revenue Generated by Source of Marketing

(Represents Annual Recurring Contracts)

digital and google marketing revenue chart

Property Management - Google My Business & Website Growth

heating plumbing analytics

Case Study 3 - Heating & Plumbing

Local search and presence optimization is a long term strategy. You have no chance to take market share if you don’t have active, optimized profiles.  However, we often see good short term results. Our goal is to achieve and sustain an ROI within 90 days. This example is a new client that started our service in February 5th, 2020. Results:

Immediately increased organic traffic by 85% in the first 3 weeks.

Direct phone calls from Google increased by 28% in 30 days.

Improved rankings of 12 major keywords into top 5.

Average rank increased from 19 to 15 in first month.

Monthly photo views went from 10 to over 1000.

Heating & Plumbing - Google My Business & Website Growth

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