Local Presence - Organic Marketing Case Studies


Case Study 1 - Cleaning Service

This engagement began in August of 2018. The project involved marketing content, lead generation and social media automation.  In December 2018, we added our local presence management service. This business had 10% annual growth since 2012.  Results:

Leads from organic sources improved from 8 to 41 per month.

Organic website traffic increased by 260%.

Increased search visibility by 210%. 13 keywords into top 10.

Monthly phone calls from Google improved from 16 to 46.

Average actions from Google from 54 to 122

Yelp phone calls and visits increased by 28%

Reviews added 68 reviews with 5-star cumulative rating

67% of leads from organic helped grow business from $600,000 to $1.7 million in 2019. On pace for $3 million in 2020.

Cleaning Service - Google My Business & Website Growth

Case Study 2 - Property Management

Redesigned website that was using auto generated Appfolio pages for properties. Our goal was to improve search optimization and lead generation. After experiencing great results in the 18 months, our client enlisted us to improve their local search presence starting in January 2019.  Results:

Actions from Google My Business increased by 286%

Over 1000 leads from organic website traffic.

423% increase in search visibility with consistent improvement.

Increased online leads from 5% of total to 65% of all leads.

9 major keywords moved into top 3 and 18 into the top 10.

Direct phone calls from Google Search / Maps improved by 339%

local search seo website traffic property management

Property Management - Google My Business & Website Growth

heating plumbing analytics

Case Study 3 - Heating & Plumbing

Local search and presence optimization is a long term strategy. You have no chance to take market share if you don’t have active, optimized profiles.  However, we often see good short term results. Our goal is to achieve and sustain an ROI within 90 days. This example is a new client that started our service in February 5th, 2020. Results:

Immediately increased organic traffic by 85% in the first 3 weeks.

Direct phone calls from Google increased by 28% in 30 days.

Improved rankings of 12 major keywords into top 5.

Average rank increased from 19 to 15 in first month.

Monthly photo views went from 10 to over 1000.

Heating & Plumbing - Google My Business & Website Growth

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