6 Proven Ways for Your Business to Get More out of Facebook

Facebook has famously been written off by marketers and pundits more than a few times since its launch in 2004. The rumors, of course, don’t reflect the reality. Facebook marketing delivers your message to an ever-growing audience, and gives businesses an ever-evolving array of tools to use to reach that audience.

The fact is, Facebook is fairly easy to use effectively, and most of its Pages features are free. That’s an appealing combination for small- to medium-sized business marketers! Here, a few smart suggestions to use it to grow your business.

1. Use the schedule feature!

Depending on how active your page, and what stage your page is in, you may want to publish as few as one post, or as many as 20, per day.

Facebook’s scheduling feature has improved consistently over the past three years. You can use to space your posts throughout the week.

2. Plan to look spontaneous

Yes, this sounds counter to the advice above, but it’s not. Social media needs to feel like it’s in real time – even if it’s scheduled a month (or three) out.

You can achieve that fresh feeling by anticipating local events (does your college town always experience “unofficial” fireworks on New Year’s Eve?) Plan a few witty posts around those events. Also, by monitoring posts and comments regularly, you can respond quickly to achieve that desired “freshness” in your feed.

3. Be friendly! Build relationships

It’s social media, after all. Search, find, and Like other pages with interests, businesses, or causes related to yours.

In the automotive industry, for example, safety-focused businesses can stick together. Musicians and writers may want to seek out schools with active performing arts programs.

Once you’ve Liked the pages, you’ll have to select “see other pages’ feeds” from main screen of your Facebook Page.

On a client’s page about the outdoors, we actually had someone engage with us.  After a quick message and mutual compliments, we agreed to share each other’s posts.  We generally share about 70% of posts if they are related enough for our audiences.  When they share one of our posts, the reach usually doubles.

4. Stay active in other posts

Like, Share, and comment on other pages’ posts to build camaraderie (and followers).

If you’ve read some of my past material, you know that I love to businesses share their story. If you can find a way to share your experiences or a related story, you can build followers and gain trust.

Let’s say you sell security systems for local companies and you see a post about a burglar sneaking past older security devices. You don’t want post about “how your system is the greatest ever and everyone should buy it.” You can simply explain that new technology in security systems is capable of identifying a threat and sending a silent alarm signal to the sheriff’s department.

People that are really interested in this type of product are more included to follow you to learn more about your company. They want to know about the stories that demonstrate how products or services make life better.

5. Create your own theme (or meme)

Sure, you know about Throwback Thursday (TBT) but nothing’s stopping you from creating your own special post type for a different day of the week. Wacky Wednesday could feature you or one of your employees in a funny hat, for example. But before you jump on the first silly idea that pops in your head, check it against good posting practices. Ask-

Is it memorable and sharable?Does it highlight a value, product, or service relevant to my business or Page? – and –
Is it sustainable?

Meaning, primarily, will you commit to posting something related to the theme on a regular basis (at least once a week)?
Remember, if you’re in a creative line of work, your “theme” can be a meme. Once you’ve established the themed posting, the key is posting consistently.

6. Know how to handle leads

This advice is neither new nor specific to Facebook, but it’s more than worthy of repeating.

You spend considerable time and money generating leads, so make sure those efforts are not in vain/ Ideally, you’ll have a plan in place to to welcome new followers and invite them to take some action to start engaging with you.

Two that are time-tested: Invite them to sign up for your newsletter or ask them to enter a contest for the month’s new followers.

At a minimum, make sure you set up a call to action button at the top of your facebook page.

The toughest thing about keeping your Facebook and other social media feeds active is coming up with a plan and making time to consistently put that plan to action. If you’d like some help automating the process (without losing your brand’s unique personality), get in touch with us today!

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